Is Your Marketing Working For You?

Your Marketing Should Look Great AND Work Great too!

Fort Wayne Marketing MessageDriving past a local business a few days ago on the way in to the office, we noticed they were installing a new sign. Not just any new sign though, a new eye-catching, full color, electronic sign with the changing messages with a stone base! We watched the progress over the next few mornings as we drove by. It was coming along great, we were excited to see who the business was with this great looking sign.

Then, one morning as we were drove past we saw that the sign was on…. the message displayed on their sign let us know that they have a mobile app. Great, they have a mobile app, but WHO ARE THEY? The next morning, driving past, the sign displayed the time and temperature. Thank you for the information, it was great to know I wasn’t running late for work, but… WHO ARE YOU???

Over the next week we would see the sign for a split second only, each time a different message was displayed – “Congratulations to the 2014 Graduates”, “We’re on Facebook”, a picture with the staff, but never the name of the business!

The sign you put out in front of your business can be quite an investment and these bright and colorful displays definitely offer a unique and impressive way to capture attention and let people know about your business. But, are you sure that the messages your sign flashes to the world are really giving people useful information about your business? If it doesn’t tell people who you are and give them a reason to use your services — you are definitely not getting your money’s worth from that investment. After all, as potential customers drive by, they only have a moment to notice your sign and take in what is has to say. And, if potential customers don’t know who the sign is for, how will they ever know if they need  your products or services? Sure, it’s nice to know the time and temperature, but most of us can get that information with a glance at our dashboard. And I’m glad to know that you are on Facebook — but why would I follow your business? 

It’s a fact of modern life — we are all constantly bombarded with information. As Five Man Electrical Band put it all those years ago:

 ”Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. Blocking out the scenery, Breaking my mind. Do this! Don’t do that! Can’t you read the signs?”







Don’t let your sign be just another part of the information noise. You spent the money to have a great looking marketing tool – whether it’s a new sign, a new website, a TV commercial, postcard, or other marketing material. Make sure the name of your company is prominently displayed and make sure your message is relevant to your business and to potential customers. Don’t leave people guessing who you are or what you do.

Let HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne Help You Capture Attention AND Send the Right Marketing Message!

Whether potential customers are looking at your website, following you on Facebook, or driving down the road in front of your business everyday,  you want to make sure your sending the right message. Let HD Marketing & Design help you deliver a message that not only looks great, but works great as well!

(And, apologies for putting that song in your head for the rest of the day.)

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Create a Buzz With Marketing

Does Your Marketing Create a Buzz?

earth fare marketing buzz fort wayneDid you hear about Earth Fare’s big opening in Fort Wayne recently? I’d be surprised if you said no. Earth Fare is a national grocery store chain focused on eating healthier and Earth-friendly products. They did an excellent job of creating a big buzz in town long before their opening. The store has been packed — you could barely get through the aisles the first week. Before it even opened, their Facebook page for the Fort Wayne store had over 3000 “Likes” and now is filled with great reviews from visitors. For weeks before opening, local mailboxes had been receiving store coupons and promotional fliers. Standing in line at other grocery stores, you frequently overheard “When’s that new Earth Fare opening?” Now that’s what I call creating a buzz!

We know you want your clients, and potential customers, to see your business as more than an average company — because you are! At HD Marketing & Design, our goal is to understand what makes you proud and what makes your business unique. Then we make sure that message gets out,  that we create a buzz about who you are and what you do.

Marketing  Tools to Create a Buzz

  • Promote the cool things you do  through press releases, promotional materials, TV/radio commercials
  • Interact on social media and provide sneak peeks of what’s coming
  • Provide great content on your website. Update it regularly and make it useful.
  • Make a personal connection – interact with visitors to your business; collect emails to keep them in the loop and send thank you notes or notices of upcoming events)

You already know this, of course — it’s always in your best interest to keep the customers happy. Your customers are the ones who will recommend you to their friends and colleagues — in person or on social media. And, you know that it goes beyond creating a great product — it’s providing exceptional support, building strong relationships, and always going above and beyond what’s expected. It’s equally important to continue to reach out to customers, and potential customers, across multiple channels. Different customers get their information — and create more buzz — in different ways.

Create a Buzz with HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne

HD Marketing & Design knows the ins-and-outs of both the newest technology – website design, social media marketing, content marketing –  and the tried-and-true traditional marketing tools – radio & TV commercials, brochures, postcards, press releases. Let HD Marketing help you create that buzz for YOUR business!

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Retail Sales Surge. Are You Ready for it?

A few weeks ago, the Conference Board, which surveys how consumers feel about the economy, reported impressive growth in consumer confidence.  Now, those positive feelings are turning into cash where it counts, in cash registers all over the country.

According to the Commerce Department, retail sales grew 1.1 percent in March, the largest gain since September 2012.  The figures show the economy gaining traction through the first quarter, and economists now believe we are poised for even better sales following the bitter. Consumers will be making up for what they didn’t purchase over the winter.

Gains were made in almost every consumer field, including most likely, yours.

Are you seeing this burst of economic recovery in your business?  If not, it may be coming soon, and even if you are seeing it now, it may be even better as the year progresses.  Are you ready for it? It’s time to review your advertising and marketing plans, the sooner the better.  Need help?  Then give us a call.  We can help you review or develop an advertising and marketing plan to take advantage of consumer’s new found sense of economic confidence.  We can also help you develop your digital marketing as well, with internet marketing that makes it easier for consumers to find you on line and easier for them to do business with you and not your competitors.  Call us for a free review of your ad plan.  It’s been a long hard recession, but things are heating up, and now is the time to prepare for success.  HD Marketing & Design can help.

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Don’t Put All Your Marketing Eggs into One Social Media

facebook-logo-thumbs-downA well-known blogger named Sam Biddle has leaked news about Facebook he got from a reliable source, that if true, will create huge marketing changes for companies that rely a great deal on generating sales from their Facebook “friends.”

I know, for years now, we’ve been telling you to use Facebook, and you’ve been asking us why?  It’s simple.  Get someone to “like” you, and they will start receiving your Facebook posts on their newsfeed.  (The newsfeed is what most Facebook users look at, especially on their cell phones, to keep connected with their friends and family.)

In the past, when I checked my newsfeed, maybe once a day, I might get a selfie from a relative, a link to the latest cute cat video on YouTube, and a post from a business that I once upon a time pressed the “Like” button for.

Now, according to Biddle, Facebook is going to limit the number of commercial sites I, or anyone else sees, regardless of how many “likes” they have.

In other words, right now, if your businesses Facebook page has 1,000 “likes,” and put a post to it, all 1,000 fans will see that post.  Soon, only 1 to 2% of fans will see it.  There goes all that work you did building a fan base, and all that work you do every day spending time posting items to your company Facebook page.  As a regular Facebook user, it seems to me that this policy is indeed in place.  I seem to see fewer posts from commercial sites that I “like.”  This is not scientific, but we’ll know that for sure soon enough.

Is all lost?  No, there are alternatives to Facebook, such as Twitter, Google Plus, or blogging.  And, Riddle thinks the main reason Facebook is doing this is so they can charge businesses for this feature.  If it works for your business, it’s probably worth paying for.  Some things, like Google Ad Words, are cost effective.

The bottom line is, Social Media is important for building relationships with your brand, if only the rules didn’t change all the time.

What you need is someone to help you navigate social media, and keep up on all the changes.  You need internet marketing from someone like us, HD Marketing & DesignCall us for a free consultation on how internet marketing can help build your business.

We’ll continue to monitor this issue with Facebook, and let you know more as it happens.

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Social Media Marketing in 2014

Do You Have a Social Media Marketing?

Here it is March already. The year is moving on, so now is a good time to ask yourself how you’re doing in meeting your 2014 business goals. Was this the year you were going to finally address the issue of social marketing?Well, better late than never.

Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie


For example, if you watched the Oscars recently, you saw host Ellen DeGeneres take a selfie in an effort to set a new world’s record for re-tweeting a photo. It worked. Not only did she set a new record of 779,295 retweets in approximately half an hour, the crush of users brought down Twitter’s service for about 20 minutes.

Who were these people who grabbed their cell phones at 10pm on a Sunday night and made this happen? A lot of them are your customers, ordinary people just as likely to re-tweet a celebrity photo as they would be to tweet or share on Facebook with their friends the experience (good or bad) they just had in your store.

 Social Media Can Boost Your Presence and Your Sales

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and many other also social media platforms each perform in a different manner. Not all may be right for your business, but many of these could be powering your sales in 2014 and beyond. Contact  HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne today to find out what social media platforms would work best for your business and to create a marketing plan to boost your online presence.

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Hiring Freelance Content Developer Fort Wayne

Freelance Content Developer (Long-Term)

posted: 2/24/2014

HD Marketing & Design is seeking a self-motivated freelance content developer able to research and develop high-quality content for multiple communications each month including blogs, press releases, newsletters, web sites, and brochures for different industries.

Must possess strong writing skills that engage customers and enhances the brand of our clients. Knowledge of writing for SEO a plus. Commercial script writing also a plus.

To apply, e-mail resume, rates, and writing samples to

No Phone Calls Please!

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Web Design: Best Custom Cabinet Refacing

Fort Wayne Web Design Case Study:

Best Custom Cabinet Fort Wayne


Web Design: Best Custom Cabinet Fort Wayne

Web Design:

Best Custom Cabinet & Refacing of Fort Wayne hired us to create a new web site for their company. They didn’t have a large budget, but wanted a simple web site to create an online presence and showcase their work. They also needed it completed in less than a month, in time for the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show.

With a week to spare, HD Marketing & Design completed the web site which combined smart website design with usability to create a clean site that not only looked great but was easy to navigate.

The photo gallery showcases their past cabinet refacing and custom cabinet projects and the contact form allows prospective customers  to easily contact Best Custom Cabinets and Refacing for a Free In-Home Estimate. Visit their web site at

Are you ready to get your business online or give your existing web site a face lift? Contact HD Marketing & Design of Fort Wayne today to start your web design project!


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HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne



Introducing HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne

Heather Dahman, Owner, HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne

Heather Dahman, Owner, HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne

When one door closes, another door opens.

Many of you know me, Heather Dahman, from my 15 years working at King Marketing. With the retirement of Charles King at the end of 2013, King Marketing has closed its doors. I want to thank you for your business with King Marketing and introduce my new company, HD Marketing & Design. We can help your business with:

Web Design & Developement
Internet Marketing: SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging
Video Production: Web Videos & Television Commercials 
Branding: Logos, Brochures, Business Cards

I would love to continue our relationship and look forward to working with you in the new year!

HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne





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Duck Dynasty Helping to build Ratings Dynasty for Cable TV

Does it feel as if you’re watching nothing but cable shows this summer?  “Duck Dynasty,” “Breaking Bad,”  “Rizzoli and Isles,” and maybe just “Big Bang” Reruns on TBS.  Summer never was a big time for the major broadcast channels (Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC,) but this summer has been their worst yet.  The average viewer this summer has been watching 17.4 hours of cable TV every week, versus just 6.2 hours of major broadcast channels.  Sure, we’re still watching local news, “Wheel of Fortune,” and “Dr. Phil” on broadcast channels, but in the evening, when we settle in to “veg out” and watch some TV, we now watch cable.  Why is this happening?  Sure, there are more cable channels available now than ever, but the overall quality of cable network TV shows has been improving quickly.  And the major networks are presenting few new shows to compete, other than “Under the Dome” on CBS, the summer’s only broadcast hit.

It’s simple, the broadcast networks give up on summer, whereas the cable networks put their best stuff on, and really go for it.

This summer, we’ve been running many of our TV clients during prime time hours on the top cable TV networks.  It’s still affordable, but that will change in the coming years, as people begin to catch on to this.  If you need help building a cable TV schedule, contact us.  Although King Marketing, Inc. specializes today in Internet Marketing, over the past 25 years, we’ve run a lot of our clients on TV, both broadcast and cable.  Let us use our experience to help you build a successful summer ad program on cable TV.

Data source: Turner Network study of Nielsen ratings for May-August 2013.

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Growth in Social Media Use Covers both Young and Old

When working with a new Internet marketing client, there’s always one part of the meeting where people kind of go, meh.  Most of the people we talk to know about Facebook, and might even have a Facebook account.  They just don’t use it themselves, or just believe only their kids use it.  That was sort of true in the early years.  The Pew Research Center, non-profit, non-partisan organization, has been tracking Social Media usage since the beginning.  It’s called the Pew Internet & American Life Project, and this year’s data has just been released.  You can view the whole thing here, or look below for some highlights.


• First, 72% of online adults use social networking sites.  In 2005, it was 8%.  When it comes to your web marketing, social media is just too big to ignore.

• Next, 43% of online adults using social networking are over the age of 65.  So, yes, it is a younger crowd overall, but exclusive by any means to just kids.  Most of the growth in older demos has come in the last few years.
• The percentage of internet users who are on Twitter is about 18% double what it was in 2009.  Twitter usage among Internet users ages 18-29 is much higher, about 30%.
So, while Twitter is growing, it’s still not a huge on line media.  Just don’t overlook it in the future.
• The 18-29 year old age group uses social media the most, but all ages, all , ethnicities, and all income levels are using it.
Social Media is too big to ignore.  How long before you competition realizes this and starts to serve this large group of buyers you are completely ignoring.  Let’s get over the idea that Facebook is just for kids, and start building our social marketing efforts today.  You can sign up for Facebook free here, or you can work with an internet marketing company like King Marketing who can help you get started, and work with you month to month on your social marketing.
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