Your Marketing Strategy : Trick or Treat?

It’s impossible this time of year not to be reminded of all the creepy, scary characters that populate our Halloween stories, movies and nightmares. As marketing professionals, we at HD Marketing & Design began to wonder: “Is there anything a business can learn from these characters about how to liven-up its marketing strategy?”

Don’t leave that marketing plan for dead. Dig it out from the graveyard of your “things to do someday” drawer, dust it off and let’s talk. These quintessential Halloween creatures may inspire some dos and don’ts to consider:


Is your website just a cobbled together work of random pieces like this horrifying man-made monster? Make it “lively” and unified instead. Websites need to be easy to navigate. A great website allows users to quickly find the information they need.




Zombies NEED to feed. Are you feeding your audience regularly with updated content, announcements, and news via social media? Keep users up to date on all the latest happenings on their news feed. Connect with clients and potential clients where they hang out online. Feed their feed!





Werewolves transform only when the moon is full. Do you have outdated information in your marketing materials — print, web or social media? Don’t wait for the next full moon to give your audience correct information or to update the look of old materials.



Is your website being found? If it’s not on the first couple of pages of Google, it may as well be invisible. 75% of Google users never scroll through to the second page of results. Find out how SEO and content marketing can help your web site be seen!


Bring your Marketing Back to Life

Talk to the experts at HD Marketing & Design in Fort Wayne about how to raise your marketing plan from the dead. We have expertise in all areas of marketing, from print to video to website designSEO, & beyond. We get to know our clients and work with you to customize a marketing strategy to keep your message relevant. Contact HD Marketing and Design today to learn how our team can bring your business’s marketing plan back to life.

“It’s alive! My marketing is alive!”


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Hiring Web Designer & Developer in Fort Wayne

 Hiring: Web Designer & Developer in Fort Wayne

Creative Technologist Job Opening


Fort Wayne marketing company, HD Marketing & Design, is hiring! We’re seeking a part-time (21-35 hours) web designer / developer to join our team!

The ideal candidate will have a creative eye for designing cutting-edge web sites along with the knowledge to implement current web technologies including responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL, and enjoy working in a small team environment.

Interested? Find out more about our current job opening in downtown Fort Wayne:

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Ice Bucket Challenge & What Social Media Can Do for You

Social Media Marketing Grows Awareness and Builds Brands

Social Media Marketing Fort Wayne

Get Connected with Social Media Marketing

Who hasn’t heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, right?

It has become a world-wide fundraising phenomenon. The driving force behind its success? A desire to raise money to put an end to a terrible disease. The vehicle that got that charitable message to the world and inspired millions to participate and contribute? Social media.

As this successful campaign demonstrated, social media is all about engagement. In the case of the Ice Bucket Challenge, its use of social media moved people beyond being just the recipients of a message. It encouraged them to actually become participants in the spread of that message. Every participant now felt a personal relationship with that cause and was encouraging their social network to participate as well.

At HD Marketing and Design we believe that relationship marketing is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. We understand and value the power of social media — all the heavy-hitters like, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google + and more.

From new small businesses to established firms, there are lessons to be learned from the Ice Bucket Challenge. We can tailor your social marketing strategy to strengthen your relationship with existing and potential customers by:

1. Making it simple
2. Making it fun
3. Making it timely
4. Making it “shareable”

Social Media Marketing Company in Fort Wayne

Whether your marketing goals are bigger or smaller than the Ice Bucket Challenge, HD Marketing and Design of Fort Wayne’s Social Media Marketing program is for you. We know how to leverage social media to both get the word out about what makes your business unique, AND to engage your customers so they participate in promoting what you do.

Our Social Media program will set up your social media sites and continues to work with you frequently to:

  • Add fresh content to Social Media on a regular basis
  • Increase likes, comments, & shares using promotions and other proven techniques
  • Encourage relationships with potential customers
  • Strengthen loyalty with existing customers
  • Keep customers up-to-date on new products or services
  • Build brand awareness
  • Get your business more face time on search engines

Learn more about our social media marketing program or contact HD Marketing & Design today at (260) 432-8437 to schedule a consultation to see how our Internet Marketing Program can help you connect with your customers and potential customers where they hang out online.

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5 reasons to get Social – Why you NEED Social Media

Social Media Marketing – What can it do for your Fort Wayne business

social media marketing fort wayneFace it, social media has become a constant part of everyday life. Even if you personally aren’t facebooking, tweeting, streaming YouTube videos, or using Yelp to help you find a nearby coffee shop — your customers are. Social media (which also includes things Google+, Pinterest, Instagram. etc.) is a fabulous communication tool for making a business more accessible to its customers and more visible to potential customers.  If your not already on, you’re missing out! We could list a multitude of reasons why any business should be using these platforms; but here are our Top 5 reasons how your business can benefit from social media marketing:

1. Connect with your existing customers

As you know, one of the best sources of business is your current customers. And chances are, your customers are already using a variety of social media as part of their day-to-day life. Linking your company into this social interconnectedness just makes sense. It will help customers remember your services, learn about new products or services, and let them easily connect with you to ask questions or offer feedback. Social media gives companies and clients an easier way to interact than we’ve ever had before.

2. Increase your customer base

You can monitor social media to learn what potential customers are looking for from your business or industry. This can then help you target new customers through social media — and bring more traffic to your website, increase your brand awareness, and/or even bring more clients to your physical location. Also, social media is a great way for potential customers to learn about you through word of mouth from their friends and relatives who are already using your products and services!

3. Improve your Google search ranking

Businesses that are not active on social media show up less on Google searches. According to Google, 80% of consumers use search engines to find information about local businesses. A search engine optimization (SEO) professional, like those at HD Marketing and Design, are skilled and always up to date on the best way to use social media to make sure your business will be easily found in a Google search. And that will result in more customers finding their way to you.

4. Create buzz

Journalists commonly rely on social media to research story ideas and track trends. This can translate into “buzz” for your business beyond social media as well as reach potential customers who may not be active on social media. And for those customers who are on social media, that buzz can influence them to learn more about the new products or services you are promoting.

5. It’s cost effective marketing tool

Becoming active on social media platforms is relatively cheap in terms of bang for your buck. Many of them are even free to join. They are an easy and versatile way to quickly get information about your business to the people who need it — without a big time or staff commitment.

HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne can give your business a voice

Don’t let social media remain a mystery. The marketing experts at HD Marketing and Design know the best ways for engaging with your clients and potential clients using a variety of social media. It’s a fantastic medium and we want to help you make the most of it. We can identify which platforms make the most sense for your business. We will design an online presence that maximizes customer engagement and develops the brand awareness that your business deserves.

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Hiring Internet Marketing Specialist


HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne is seeking a part-time Internet Marketing Specialist with experience in SEO, Social Media for brands, SEO blogging, and content creation. The ideal candidate will grow the online presence of multiple brands in multiple industries as well as build our internet marketing department.This part-time position has the potential of growing into a full-time position quickly with the right candidate.

For more information, visit:


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Consumer Confidence is on the Rise

Consumer Confidence at 7-year High

money in handIn the latter part of the year 2007, consumer optimism began to wane, and soon we suffered one of the biggest meltdowns of our economy since the Great Depression. As the economy worsened, many businesses went into survivor mode, cutting employees, reducing and not replacing inventory, and reducing the advertising budget. We will always argue that advertising is the last thing a business should cut when sales start to slump, but that’s what happens, and we really can’t blame you for that.

However, if you did cut your advertising budget in 2007 or 2008, then to be truly consistent, you need to increase your advertising budget now in 2014. Why? Because the retail economy is roaring back.

The Conference Board is an organization which since 1916 has tracked consumer confidence in the U.S. People do not buy things, especially discretionary items unless they feel confident about their short term economic future. When people feel good, they buy. When they’re worried about their jobs, they don’t buy.

The Conference Board publishes a monthly index number reflecting consumer confidence. The higher the number, the greater the confidence. As you might assume, the Index has been lower than normal over much of the past seven years due the recession.

Over the past three months, however, the index has been rising, and is now at the highest point since October of 2007.

What Does Consumer Confidence Have to Do With Advertising

Consumers drive our economy, so as their enthusiasm grows, so do your sales. Now that you know this information, what do you do about it? The answer is to prepare for success. Just as you prepared for bad economic times a few years ago, you must prepare for good times. It’s time to rebuild your inventories, train and have in place the right employees, and boost your advertising budget before your competitors do and steal your market share away from you before you even have a chance to cash in on better times.

Another way to prepare is to analyze your digital footprint. In other words, it’s time to make sure your website is ready for the increased traffic that’s already starting to grow with the economy. Before the recession, a lot of buyers still made their way physically to stores. During the slowdown, people got used to going to the internet. It saved on gas, and often, they were able to find a better price online. The online habit isn’t going to change just because there’s more confidence and cash in the economy, because it’s now a buying habit. To succeed, you’ve got to conform to consumer behavior.

HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne

At HD Marketing & Design, we can help you review your digital efforts. Not just your web site, but also your social media and use of video. And, we can help you get found online, because no matter how good your website is, if no one sees it, no one will buy from it. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to come to you and show you how you can capitalize on growing consumer confidence.

Get ready! The coming months are going to be terrific!

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Is Your Marketing Working For You?

Your Marketing Should Look Great AND Work Great too!

Fort Wayne Marketing MessageDriving past a local business a few days ago on the way in to the office, we noticed they were installing a new sign. Not just any new sign though, a new eye-catching, full color, electronic sign with the changing messages with a stone base! We watched the progress over the next few mornings as we drove by. It was coming along great, we were excited to see who the business was with this great looking sign.

Then, one morning as we were drove past we saw that the sign was on…. the message displayed on their sign let us know that they have a mobile app. Great, they have a mobile app, but WHO ARE THEY? The next morning, driving past, the sign displayed the time and temperature. Thank you for the information, it was great to know I wasn’t running late for work, but… WHO ARE YOU???

Over the next week we would see the sign for a split second only, each time a different message was displayed – “Congratulations to the 2014 Graduates”, “We’re on Facebook”, a picture with the staff, but never the name of the business!

The sign you put out in front of your business can be quite an investment and these bright and colorful displays definitely offer a unique and impressive way to capture attention and let people know about your business. But, are you sure that the messages your sign flashes to the world are really giving people useful information about your business? If it doesn’t tell people who you are and give them a reason to use your services — you are definitely not getting your money’s worth from that investment. After all, as potential customers drive by, they only have a moment to notice your sign and take in what is has to say. And, if potential customers don’t know who the sign is for, how will they ever know if they need  your products or services? Sure, it’s nice to know the time and temperature, but most of us can get that information with a glance at our dashboard. And I’m glad to know that you are on Facebook — but why would I follow your business? 

It’s a fact of modern life — we are all constantly bombarded with information. As Five Man Electrical Band put it all those years ago:

 ”Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. Blocking out the scenery, Breaking my mind. Do this! Don’t do that! Can’t you read the signs?”







Don’t let your sign be just another part of the information noise. You spent the money to have a great looking marketing tool – whether it’s a new sign, a new website, a TV commercial, postcard, or other marketing material. Make sure the name of your company is prominently displayed and make sure your message is relevant to your business and to potential customers. Don’t leave people guessing who you are or what you do.

Let HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne Help You Capture Attention AND Send the Right Marketing Message!

Whether potential customers are looking at your website, following you on Facebook, or driving down the road in front of your business everyday,  you want to make sure your sending the right message. Let HD Marketing & Design help you deliver a message that not only looks great, but works great as well!

(And, apologies for putting that song in your head for the rest of the day.)

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Create a Buzz With Marketing

Does Your Marketing Create a Buzz?

earth fare marketing buzz fort wayneDid you hear about Earth Fare’s big opening in Fort Wayne recently? I’d be surprised if you said no. Earth Fare is a national grocery store chain focused on eating healthier and Earth-friendly products. They did an excellent job of creating a big buzz in town long before their opening. The store has been packed — you could barely get through the aisles the first week. Before it even opened, their Facebook page for the Fort Wayne store had over 3000 “Likes” and now is filled with great reviews from visitors. For weeks before opening, local mailboxes had been receiving store coupons and promotional fliers. Standing in line at other grocery stores, you frequently overheard “When’s that new Earth Fare opening?” Now that’s what I call creating a buzz!

We know you want your clients, and potential customers, to see your business as more than an average company — because you are! At HD Marketing & Design, our goal is to understand what makes you proud and what makes your business unique. Then we make sure that message gets out,  that we create a buzz about who you are and what you do.

Marketing  Tools to Create a Buzz

  • Promote the cool things you do  through press releases, promotional materials, TV/radio commercials
  • Interact on social media and provide sneak peeks of what’s coming
  • Provide great content on your website. Update it regularly and make it useful.
  • Make a personal connection – interact with visitors to your business; collect emails to keep them in the loop and send thank you notes or notices of upcoming events)

You already know this, of course — it’s always in your best interest to keep the customers happy. Your customers are the ones who will recommend you to their friends and colleagues — in person or on social media. And, you know that it goes beyond creating a great product — it’s providing exceptional support, building strong relationships, and always going above and beyond what’s expected. It’s equally important to continue to reach out to customers, and potential customers, across multiple channels. Different customers get their information — and create more buzz — in different ways.

Create a Buzz with HD Marketing & Design Fort Wayne

HD Marketing & Design knows the ins-and-outs of both the newest technology – website design, social media marketing, content marketing –  and the tried-and-true traditional marketing tools – radio & TV commercials, brochures, postcards, press releases. Let HD Marketing help you create that buzz for YOUR business!

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Retail Sales Surge. Are You Ready for it?

A few weeks ago, the Conference Board, which surveys how consumers feel about the economy, reported impressive growth in consumer confidence.  Now, those positive feelings are turning into cash where it counts, in cash registers all over the country.

According to the Commerce Department, retail sales grew 1.1 percent in March, the largest gain since September 2012.  The figures show the economy gaining traction through the first quarter, and economists now believe we are poised for even better sales following the bitter. Consumers will be making up for what they didn’t purchase over the winter.

Gains were made in almost every consumer field, including most likely, yours.

Are you seeing this burst of economic recovery in your business?  If not, it may be coming soon, and even if you are seeing it now, it may be even better as the year progresses.  Are you ready for it? It’s time to review your advertising and marketing plans, the sooner the better.  Need help?  Then give us a call.  We can help you review or develop an advertising and marketing plan to take advantage of consumer’s new found sense of economic confidence.  We can also help you develop your digital marketing as well, with internet marketing that makes it easier for consumers to find you on line and easier for them to do business with you and not your competitors.  Call us for a free review of your ad plan.  It’s been a long hard recession, but things are heating up, and now is the time to prepare for success.  HD Marketing & Design can help.

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Don’t Put All Your Marketing Eggs into One Social Media

facebook-logo-thumbs-downA well-known blogger named Sam Biddle has leaked news about Facebook he got from a reliable source, that if true, will create huge marketing changes for companies that rely a great deal on generating sales from their Facebook “friends.”

I know, for years now, we’ve been telling you to use Facebook, and you’ve been asking us why?  It’s simple.  Get someone to “like” you, and they will start receiving your Facebook posts on their newsfeed.  (The newsfeed is what most Facebook users look at, especially on their cell phones, to keep connected with their friends and family.)

In the past, when I checked my newsfeed, maybe once a day, I might get a selfie from a relative, a link to the latest cute cat video on YouTube, and a post from a business that I once upon a time pressed the “Like” button for.

Now, according to Biddle, Facebook is going to limit the number of commercial sites I, or anyone else sees, regardless of how many “likes” they have.

In other words, right now, if your businesses Facebook page has 1,000 “likes,” and put a post to it, all 1,000 fans will see that post.  Soon, only 1 to 2% of fans will see it.  There goes all that work you did building a fan base, and all that work you do every day spending time posting items to your company Facebook page.  As a regular Facebook user, it seems to me that this policy is indeed in place.  I seem to see fewer posts from commercial sites that I “like.”  This is not scientific, but we’ll know that for sure soon enough.

Is all lost?  No, there are alternatives to Facebook, such as Twitter, Google Plus, or blogging.  And, Riddle thinks the main reason Facebook is doing this is so they can charge businesses for this feature.  If it works for your business, it’s probably worth paying for.  Some things, like Google Ad Words, are cost effective.

The bottom line is, Social Media is important for building relationships with your brand, if only the rules didn’t change all the time.

What you need is someone to help you navigate social media, and keep up on all the changes.  You need internet marketing from someone like us, HD Marketing & DesignCall us for a free consultation on how internet marketing can help build your business.

We’ll continue to monitor this issue with Facebook, and let you know more as it happens.

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